12 Best Dog Harnesses for Comfort and Support

A well-fitted dog harness distributes leash pressure across your dog’s body, offering more comfort and control. Ideal for walks, harnesses reduce pulling and are easier to manage.

We tested 30 harnesses for dogs of various sizes, focusing on weather resistance, visibility, adjustability, and leash attachment for training. We have come up with a list of the 11 best dog harnesses for you to choose from.

12 Best Dog Harnesses

1. Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness

rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips, Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest, Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy Control Handle for Large Dogs, Black, L

The Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness is designed to prevent dogs from pulling during walks. It has adjustable straps for a custom fit, comes in various colors and sizes, and features two leash-connection points. The front clip discourages pulling, while the back clip is for regular use. It’s user-friendly with easy-release buckles, reflective strips for visibility, and cushioned panels for comfort.


  • Customizable fit for comfort and security.
  • Front clip to reduce pulling and back clip for regular walks.
  • Available in different colors and sizes.
  • Easy-release buckles for hassle-free use.
  • Reflective strips for visibility in low light.
  • Cushioned panels for added comfort.


  • Slight learning curve for adjusting the straps.

2. Kurgo Journey Air Harness

Kurgo Journey Air Harness, Coral, M

The Kurgo Journey Air Harness is a dog harness designed for active owners and their pets. It features soft mesh panels for comfort, a handle on the back for control, and two leash attachment points for versatility in activities like walking or running.


  • Soft mesh reduces chafing.
  • Back handle for easy lifting and control.
  • Dual leash attachments for activity-specific use.
  • Available in three colors and four sizes.


  • Tends to run large, potentially less suitable for smaller dogs.

3. Kurgo Dog Walking Harness

Kurgo Dog Harness | Pet Walking Harness | Medium | Black | No Pull Harness Front Clip Feature for Training Included | Car Seat Belt | Tru-Fit Quick Release Style

The Kurgo Dog Walking Harness is designed for big dogs, offering a secure and comfortable walking solution. It has five adjustable points to ensure a snug fit for dogs of all sizes and shapes. This harness features a front leash attachment to prevent pulling and a back attachment for smaller dogs. It’s made of durable materials and even has a seatbelt attachment for car travel, though it’s not car safety certified.


  • Secure and comfortable for big dogs
  • Five adjustable points for a customized fit
  • Front leash attachment to prevent pulling
  • Durable construction for escape-prone dogs
  • Suitable for car travel with seatbelt attachment


  • Not certified for car safety
  • May not be suitable for very small dogs

4. Sporn No Pull Dog Harness

Sporn No Pull Dog Harness

The Sporn No-Pull Dog Harness is designed to help control dogs that pull on their leash during walks. It uses a unique “pull-control” system with sherpa-covered cords that gently tighten under the dog’s front legs when they pull, discouraging the behavior without causing discomfort. It’s made from durable nylon, features adjustable sizing, and prevents chafing with sherpa sleeves for your pet’s comfort.


  • Effectively reduces pulling in dogs.
  • Comfortable for pets due to sherpa sleeves.
  • Made from durable, high-quality nylon.
  • Adjustable to fit different dog sizes and breeds.


  • Requires correct sizing and adjustment for optimal effectiveness.
  • Combining with leash training may be necessary for best results.
  • Individual dog reactions may vary, so monitoring is important.

5. Wild One Dog Harness

Wild One Dog Harness

The Wild One Dog Harness is a stylish and comfy option for small dogs. It features cushiony fabric for extra comfort and offers three leash attachment points for versatility in walking styles. You can also customize your purchase with additional kits like a leash and poop bag carrier or a walk and play kit.


  • Stylish design for fashionable small dog walks.
  • Comfortable cushiony fabric.
  • Three leash attachment points for flexibility.
  • Customization options with additional kits.
  • Luxuriously soft according to testers.


  • Soft fabric may show wear and tear over time.

6. Sleepypod Clickit Terrain

Sleepypod Clickit Terrain

The Sleepypod Clickit Terrain is a dog harness designed for both safety in travel and everyday use. It features a three-point design that secures the dog’s torso, reducing the risk of injury during car rides. This harness includes shock-absorbing sleeves to lessen impact forces and is made from durable, high-quality materials. It also boasts a padded, breathable mesh vest for comfort, fitting a variety of dog sizes and breeds.


  • Certified by the Center for Pet Safety, ensuring high safety standards.
  • Three-point design provides comprehensive torso security.
  • Shock-absorbing sleeves reduce impact in accidents.
  • Durable construction offers longevity.
  • Breathable mesh vest ensures comfort, even during extended wear.
  • Flexible fit accommodates different dog sizes and breeds.
  • Suitable for both travel and everyday walks.


  • May be more expensive compared to standard dog harnesses.
  • The comprehensive design might be more complex to put on and take off compared to simpler harnesses.
  • Some dogs may require time to adjust to the fit and feel of the harness.

7. LupinePet Step-In Harness

LupinePet Originals 3/4" Tail Feathers 20-30" Step In Harness for Medium Dogs

The LupinePet Step-In Harness is a dog harness designed for comfort and ease of use. Your dog simply steps into the harness, and then it’s clipped together, eliminating the need to pull it over the head. It’s made with durable materials, featuring strong stitching, a welded D-ring for leash attachment, and a heavy-duty clasp. The harness is adjustable to fit various dog sizes and breeds and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.


  • Step-in design simplifies putting the harness on your dog.
  • Even pressure distribution is safer and more comfortable than traditional collars.
  • Made with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity.
  • Can be tailored to fit different dog sizes and breeds.
  • Available in various vibrant patterns and colors.
  • Covered by a “Even if Chewed” lifetime guarantee.


  • May be more expensive than some basic harnesses.
  • Requires accurate sizing for proper fit.

8. OneTigris Tactical Vest

OneTigris Tactical Vest

The OneTigris Tactical Vest is a robust harness for outdoor-loving dogs. It’s designed with tough 1000D nylon fabric, providing comfort and durability. The vest features a MOLLE system for attaching gear, a top handle for control, a metal leash attachment point for security, and reflective strips for visibility in low light.


  • Durable and comfortable nylon fabric
  • Customizable with MOLLE system
  • Ideal for service dogs
  • Top handle for control
  • Sturdy metal leash attachment
  • Enhanced safety with reflective strips


  • May be overkill for casual walks
  • Not suited for small, less active dogs

9. RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

Ruffwear, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday, Campfire Orange, X-Small

The RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness is designed for outdoor activities, providing comfort and control. It has padded front and back panels and dual leash attachment points – a front loop for training and a back metal loop for easygoing dogs. It comes in various colors with reflective trim for safety.


  1. Comfortable for extended walks and hikes.
  2. Dual leash attachment points for training and easy walks.
  3. Stylish variety of colors.
  4. Reflective trim for nighttime safety.


  1. Buckles can be tricky to unclip.
  2. Not ideal for dogs with broad chests and narrow waists.

10. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness | Comfortable Control for Easy Walking | Adjustable Dog Harness | Small, Medium & Large Dogs | Made in USA | Solid Colors | 1" MD Teal

The 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness is a training harness designed for dogs that pull on the leash. It features a dual-connection system, with a back ring for regular walking and an extra chest connection for training. When the dog pulls, it gently redirects them, helping with training without causing discomfort.


  • Effective for leash training
  • Dual-connection system for versatility
  • Designed for pet comfort with Swiss velvet lining
  • Durable and adjustable
  • Available in various sizes and colors


  • May require gradual introduction for some dogs
  • Effectiveness can vary depending on the dog’s behavior and response

11. Puppia Soft Dog Harness

Puppia Soft Dog Harness No Choke Over-The-Head Triple Layered Breathable Mesh Adjustable Chest Belt and Quick-Release Buckle, Red, Small

The Puppia Soft Dog Harness is a comfortable, mesh-fabric harness designed for small to medium-sized dogs. It’s made from a soft, breathable material that’s gentle on the skin, making it ideal for dogs with sensitive skin or short hair. This harness easily slips over the dog’s head and fastens with a quick-release buckle, featuring a single leash attachment point at the back.


  • Ultra-soft mesh fabric is gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Lightweight and breathable, reducing the risk of chafing.
  • Available in various colors and sizes for a custom fit.
  • Easy to put on and take off, suitable for wriggly dogs.
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs, especially those that do not pull.


  • Not suitable for heavy pullers or larger dogs.
  • Back-only leash attachment may not be ideal for training purposes.
  • May not provide enough control for very active or energetic dogs.

12. PetSwag Dog Harness

PetSwag Dog Harness Review

The PetSwag Dog Harness is a comfortable and safe alternative to traditional collars, designed to make walks more enjoyable for both dogs and owners. It works by evenly distributing pressure across the dog’s chest, reducing strain on the neck and throat. This no-pull harness promotes better leash manners and a secure fit, ensuring a comfortable walking experience.


  • Comfortable and safe design
  • Effective for reducing pulling on the leash
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • Durable construction for active dogs
  • Option to personalize with dog’s name


  • Sizing can be tricky, requiring accurate measurements
  • Limited availability for international shipping
  • Some reported issues with customer service

How to Choose the Best Dog Harness

  1. Fit and Comfort: Start by ensuring the harness fits your dog well. Look for adjustable harnesses like the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness, as they offer a snug and comfortable fit for different breeds during walks and training.

  2. Material Strength: The durability of the harness matters. Choose materials like webbed nylon, known for resisting tears and wear. An example is the PoyPet No-Pull Dog Harness, which remains sturdy even with frequent use.

  3. Leash Attachments: Consider where the leash attaches. Harnesses like the Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness have back clips suitable for most breeds. For dogs that pull, a front clip (chest area) may help, but it’s less effective for strong pullers.

  4. Purpose and Activity: Think about your activities. For hiking, a vest harness with a handle, like Buehler suggests, is handy. For night walks, choose one with reflective strips, such as the Expawlorer No-Pull Dog Harness with Leash. The Gooby Comfort X Step-In Harness is versatile for walking, hiking, and training. And if you’re around water, consider a dog life jacket too.

Is it better to walk a dog with a harness or a collar?

Using a harness is generally better for walking a dog. Harnesses are safer, reduce the risk of injury, and are more comfortable, especially for dogs that pull. They don’t put pressure on the neck, making them a preferred choice for many trainers.

Should a dog harness be tight or loose?

A dog harness should be snug but not too tight. You should be able to fit two to three fingers between the harness and your dog’s body. If it’s too loose, a dog with narrow shoulders may escape. Consider using a GPS tracker for added security.

Is it okay for a dog to wear a harness all day?

No, it’s not okay for a dog to wear a harness all day. Harnesses are safe for walks, but wearing them constantly can cause skin irritation and sores.

How do you know a dog harness fits right?

To ensure a dog harness fits correctly:

  1. Measure your dog and refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart.
  2. Select the size closest to your dog’s measurements, or size up if they’re between sizes. A tight harness can be uncomfortable.
  3. Use the “two finger” rule: you should be able to fit two fingers easily between the harness and your dog’s skin. This ensures it’s not too tight, preventing skin chafing, breathing issues, or injury.

How do you put on a dog harness?

To put on a dog harness:

  1. Basic Harness (Front, Back, or Dual Clip): Slip it over the dog’s head and buckle it behind.

  2. Step-In Harness: Lay the harness on the ground, have the dog step into the loops, then pull it up and buckle it behind the dog.

What is the best harness to stop pulling?

A front-clip no-pull harness is best for training dogs not to pull on the leash. It’s safe, reducing neck pressure and the dog’s pulling ability.

Are no-pull harnesses good for dogs?

No-pull harnesses are good for dogs because they are designed to reduce pressure on a dog’s joints and neck when they pull.

Is a harness or collar better to stop pulling?

A harness is better than a collar for dogs that pull. Collars can cause neck tension and risk choking or tracheal collapse. A 2020 study showed all collar types can harm a dog’s neck. Harnesses are safer and more effective for controlling dogs during walks. Collars should only be used for ID tags or decoration.

How does a no-pull harness stop a dog from pulling?

A no-pull harness stops a dog from pulling by using a front-clip design. It encourages the dog to turn towards you when the leash is tight. There are two common designs: one with a Y-shaped chest strap and the other with a horizontal chest strap. Y-shaped harnesses provide more freedom of movement and are non-restrictive.

Why do dogs pull on leash?

Dogs pull on leashes because they’re hypersensitive to their surroundings and often lack leash training as puppies. They pull because they naturally walk faster than us and want to reach the park, meet other dogs, or investigate something exciting. They keep pulling because it allows them to move forward.


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