How We Test and Review Consumer Products

Consumer Tested Reports is consumer product testing company. We care about giving you the best info on products. We know it’s important for you to trust what you buy. So, we spend lots of time testing products in our labs every year. We stick to science and make sure our testing process is clear and open.

Real test labs. Real people.

We test our products with real people in real labs. Science is our guide, so we focus on testing and being clear about how we do it. Our team, led by a scientist, makes sure our data is trustworthy and not influenced by biases or bad testing methods.

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Our Testing Philosophy

We like to keep things simple and stick to the scientific method when we review and test stuff. That means we document everything well, try to keep things consistent, and gather clear evidence using methods that anyone can repeat.

Even as time goes on and things change, like new technology and new team members, we keep our testing methods the same.

We think it’s important to be open and fair. That’s why we let brands come in and ask us questions about how we do things. But don’t worry, we won’t give brands any info that we don’t also share with you, our readers.

For more details about how we test specific products, please refer to the guides below:

Our Lab

Product test at our lab

Our lab is in New York City. It’s one of the best labs in any editorial company. In this lab, we can catch light, block out sound, and control temperature and humidity. Fun fact: When we test vacuums, we even make our own dirt to make sure it’s just right! That’s how serious we are.

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